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Concertos surviving COVID 19

​The past two years have been undoubtedly very difficult for artists and musicians around the world. The COVID 19 pandemic brought the concert scene almost to a standstill, but thanks to private donations, government policies, and the relentless optimism of some musicians, the heart of the music is still beating and ready for a strong come back to the stages once coronavirus has been defeated.

I am proud and excited to present this collection of concertos to the world, which I have primarily written between 2020 and 2021, commissioned by outstanding artists, soloists, and members of renowned European orchestras. Their determination to combat the stalemate of the pandemic moved them to search for new musical works to challenge their abilities and fuel them with motivation; this led them to commission me the works I introduce in the pages of this magazine with the support of Hofmeister Musikverlag.​​

With endless gratitude to:

Matthias Rácz, bassoon
Hans Agreda, contrabassoon
Matvey Demin, flute
Ricardo Carvalhoso, tuba
Sergio Sánchez, oboe
Edicson Ruiz, double bass
Lux Nova Duo