“I always intend to tell a story with my music”, Efraín Oscher describes his motivation as composer. “I want to move the listener – and I can achieve that by telling them a story infused with emotions”.


  • 07.20 Naxos releases Egregore + featuring Fabio Brum. The Album includes my Rapsodia Latina for trumpet. Take a peek!

  • 22.11.19 Pacho Flores premiers my Danzas Latinas for Trumpet and Orchestra with the Real Filharmonía Galicia under Manuel Hernández-Silva. Watch the video!

  • 08.19 ARS Produktion releases Kaleidoscope featuring Hans Agreda (Contrabassoon) who recorded Soledad with members of the Tonhalle Zürich. Here's the video!

  • 24.05.19 Edicson Ruiz plays my Double Bass Concerto with WDR Funkhausorchester under Alondra de la Parra. Watch the video! 

  • Hofmeister Verlag, Leipzig, publishes my Passacaglia for Violin and Double Bass. Take a look!